Streamhub is a London startup building a saas platform for online video analytics. Our customers entrust us with their online TV & video streaming data, where we process billions of points to profile, target and grow their audiences and revenue.

The Role

You will play a key role in our technology team, joining as a Database Specialist. We are a SaaS platform and our customers entrust us with their online TV & video streaming data, where we process billions of points to profile, target and grow their audiences and revenue. Being SaaS, it is challenging to meet different client's needs and we already have different solutions in place. We are looking to optimize and standardize our reporting platform in every possible way and develop a general-purpose, multi-application, multi-user platform that supports needs other than just reporting. Yes, this is going to be challenging and for sure opens the door for innovation and immense on the job learning!

We are looking for someone with strong experience in online analytical processing (OLAP) and online transactional processing (OLTP) systems, deep knowledge of data warehousing, data lake and NoSQL databases and understanding of distributed caches, search engines. Basically, we are looking for someone very strong on various from data storage and querying, including the operational side and has proven interest in exploring newer technologies. If you have experience with Data management platform (DMP) and advertising/media, that is a huge plus!

Qualifications - You are:

  • Experienced and have in-depth knowledge of any online analytical processing or OLAP tool.
  • Expert in any OLTP database – MySQL, Amazon Aurora, Oracle RDBMS.
  • Expert in any OLAP system.
  • Experience with at least one NoSQL database – both application and operations.
  • In-depth SQL programming knowledge – partitioning, sharding, indexing, tuning knowledge, stored procedures, views.
  • In-depth understanding of data warehousing concepts – facts, dimensions, KPI, load strategies, surrogate keys, staging/analytic layer, data loading concepts, materialized views.
  • Data model – Understanding of data model, OLTP, OLAP, batch processing, normalized and denormalized schema.
  • Deep ETL concepts – data versioning, deployment concepts, transaction handling, logging, auditing, error handling and automating pipelines.
  • Good knowledge of any programming language – Scala, Java, Python, Golang.
  • Proven track record of delivering analytical solutions for terabyte-scale data.
  • Experience or proven interest in cloud-based solutions.


  • Architect/develop solutions for high volume OLTP/OLAP environments, batch data processing, design future state terabyte-scale data warehouse/lake/MS service and influence adoption of newer technologies.
  • Develop/design of our core analytics/reporting system.
  • Develop/manage/automate data processing pipelines.
  • Day-to-day operational maintenance and well being of datastores.
  • Integrate with third-party data sources and bring them to the operational stores like DMP / viewership logs / CRM segments etc.
  • The ability to quickly understand the customer and operational considerations

Why you should join us?

  • A true 'big data company' – When we talk about a large system, we really mean it. Our platform generates traffic that measures in millions of messages every hour.
  • Grow your knowledge – Build your knowledge as you go. Our product ranges through features touching many different technologies and we are working every day towards a better solution to be able to handle this range in a scalable and cost-effective fashion.
  • Opportunity knocks, often – Being a part of a growing company in a growing industry – we challenge you not to grow! With lots of opportunities for development and clear product vision, we want to support the path that you want to carve.
  • Culture runs in our blood – We are a small but dynamic team working together in a transparent way and helping each other work towards a common goal. We believe in the benefits of collaboration, diversity, 'no bullshit' attitude and that positive changes can only take place through the understanding of an organization’s culture.

Our Technology 'Keywords'

Analytics - Scala - Java - Apache Spark - Kinesis - Kafka - AWS big data stack - Cassandra - MongoDB - Elasticsearch - Angular - DMPs - Clickhouse - Streaming - NodeJS - Apache Nifi - Serverless - Python - Akka - Lambda - Kibana - Unix - Look-alike-modeling - Prometheus - Grafana - AWS monitoring tools - Athena - Luigi - Ansible - StepFunction - Pub-sub - Docker - Data lake - AdTech


  • Full-time employment
  • Start time: July 2019
  • Salary: circa £70-80K
  • Equity: FTE share options (~1%)
  • We offer VISA sponsorship for non-UK nationals with exceptional fit to the position